This Might Take a While…

I haven’t done one of these for a week or so.  This might take a while…

Click the title of each piece for a link to the article.  If no link is there, do a Google search (we all know how.)

1) SeaWorld Keeps Whale That Killed Trainer 02/26/10

I’ve mentioned this before.  I think it’s stupid that a whale with a history of violence like this one has is being kept.  I think the most humane thing to do would be to release the whale back into the wild, so that Mother Nature (survival of the fittest, yo) can take her course.  Keeping it will only harm SeaWorld’s reputation and asks for more disasters like this one to happen.

2) Safety Board Chief isn’t Impressed by New Colgan Rule on Pilot Fatigue 02/26/10

Oh yeah, the stupidity abounds.  I live in Buffalo.  I was around when Flight 3407 crashed.  That is something I NEVER want to happen again.  With the Safety Board’s final report, we all know what happened.  Most of us are pretty sure that pilot fatigue had a LOT to do with it.  Yet Colgan and other airlines are acting as if pilots somehow don’t need the sleep we mere humans need and as a result their work schedules are so bad most of them probably haven’t gotten proper sleep in a while.   Beds should never be a luxury.  I don’t want my bus drivers fatigued when they drive, why would I want my pilot to be?

3) Ex-Klansman Sues FBI 02/26/10

From the opening paragraph in this article, you should be able to detect the bullshit.  Smell it yet?  How can this guy be serious?  His whole story is that the FBI used a Mafia hitman to torture and intimidate witnesses to get information.  Wow.  There are no other words to describe that.   Also, he’s seeking millions of dollars in damages but “money is secondary.”  Oh yeah, it reeks alright.

4) Mother Held as Murder Suspect in Death of Autistic Son, 8 02/26/10

This is just sad.  In some ways, mom’s who snap and kill their kids in an effort to “save” them interest the hell out of me.  On the other hand, it’s about the most tragic thing that can happen.  Not just because it’s the death of a child, but because I feel so bad for the mother.  Someone who just can’t handle it and snaps.  I think of Andrea Yates the most for this.  Honestly, to say that she was a cold-blooded killer and not psychotic is absurd (since she supposedly drown her kids, one by one, to save them from Satan.)  I feel the same with this mom.  She’s obviously not in her right mind, at the end of her rope with no one she believe she can turn to, in order to go through with killing her son and then attempting to kill herself.  If one thinks she’s just a heartless bitch, one needs to look at themselves a little more closely.

5) Students Threaten Teachers on Facebook 02/26/10

This is by far not a new thing, and it’s happening more and more across the country.  As bad as it is, I wish people would realize how normal it is.  Back before the age of the internet, didn’t you have teachers you hated and wished would die horribly?  Didn’t you think of all the different ways it could happen, and talk shit about them with your friends?  Of course you did.  “Oh Jeeze I so hate Mr. So-and-So.  He’s so mean, and he never gives me a good grade.  I hope he gets hit by a bus.”  Something along those lines anyway.  Kids, just like adults, need to rant and rave about the things that piss them off.  Enter the internet, and the age of anonymity, and you have the perfect fodder.  News flash, teachers and parents!  It does not mean your child will commit the next Columbine.  It simply means they need to vent and perhaps you should listen to them.  How often do you do it?  How often do you say you hate a boss/coworker/customer and wish something bad would happen.  Sure, it’s not the Christian thing, but we all wish it, even if it’s half-heartedly.  Think of these kids as tiny you’s.

6) Lottery Ploy Results in Guilty Plea 02/26/10

Again, stupidity knows no bounds.  However, I will give this guy credit for being original.  However, original or not, good intentions or not, you knew you were committing a crime.  How could you not?  Dumbass…

7) Center of Controversy 02/26/10

To me, this is a very clear case of parents overreacting.  Everytime something violent involving kids/teens happens in a neighborhood, a handful of loudmouth parents overreact, jumping to the wrong conclusion.  They don’t necessarily have all the facts (and sometimes you can’t have all the facts because the police withhold things) and they look for something external to blame it all on.  As what usually happens in these scenarios, the local place for kids/teens (mostly teens) to hang out immediately becomes the danger zone, and only spells trouble for kids and needs to be shut down immediately.  DOOM!  This happens to parks, community centers, after-school programs and sometimes local businesses.  It’s as if these parents think that the evil that must have driven these kids to this lurks in the very foundation of these buildings.  I think parents need to take a step back.  Isolating your child from others is not going to keep them safe or teach them to play well with others as an adult.  Sometimes things happen.  Bad things happen in good neighborhoods.  Accept reality and move on.

VIII) Patterson Calls a Halt to Race for Governor 02/27/10

The headline says everything.  All I can say is GOOD!  Finally!  He has really done a shit job in office and frankly, it’s embarrassing the state more than California electing the Terminator to office.  All of his efforts to keep money in the state only tends to hurt the people he’s supposed to help.  I haven’t heard of a good long-term plan for getting revenue back yet.  Closing state parks is so not going to help, neither will holding on to our tax refunds.  For one, he needs to hire competent people to help him, not those that embroil him in more scandal than Clinton ever saw.  For two, he needs to grow a set.  Spitzer may not have had his moral compass pointing quite north, but he had a set of balls that made the Legislature take him seriously.  They’ve done nothing but walk all over Patterson.  We need someone better, someone way better.  He needs to go away now.

9) Mother, Son Indicted in ‘Hate Crime’ Death 02/27/10

This is just so twisted and sad.  Remember how I said that there are mothers who snap and kill their children and that I sort of feel bad for the mother?  Well on the other side of the spectrum are these mothers.  Those women who should’ve never been allowed to have kids.  The way this woman was treated by her own family is not only tragic but angering and despicable.  I applaud the fact that they want to charge this as a hate crime, because honestly I think that was a large chunk of the bias against this woman.  By her own damn family!  These are the people who should get the maximum sentence possible and then some for what they did to another human being.

10) Team’s Step-Off Win Leads to Controversy 02/27/10

I try my hardest to not be a racist, because it annoys me.  Like this.  Racism exists both ways.  It’s not just whites hating blacks.  It’s blacks hating whites too.    This is NOT cultural theft.  It’s stupid to assume that because a white person can do the same “rhythmic clapping and foot stomping routines” that you can, they’re stealing something you think belongs to you exclusively.  To question whether they should have been barred from competing because they’re white shows the reverse racism.  Stepping pulls from military routines as well as dance routines, and (let’s face it) the military was predominately white for a long time.  Especially when those routines where created and established.  Who’s stealing who’s culture now?

11) Families Split on Role in Pedophile Probe 02/27/10

I got stuck on this when the article said that some parents don’t want to know if their child has been molested.  How is this even being considered?  If I were a parent I would damn sure want to know if he touched or hurt my child in any way.  “I don’t know what I’m going to gain from knowing that he has done something to one of my kids.”  How about the ability to help your child through one of the worst experiences ever?  What about helping the police put this guy away?  Ignorance is NOT bliss.  Years later, your child is going to wonder why you never cared enough to know.  You are not protecting them this way!  Oww…Stupidity hurts…

12) No Encore for T.O. with Bills 02/28/10


I’ll end today on that high note.  I’ll conclude this list of pain, shame, stupidity and anger tomorrow.  For now, my bed is sending out serious sleep rays and I can’t help myself.


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