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Since I fell so freaking far behind due to life, I’m restarting this today.  No it is not an April Fool’s joke.  I will now actually be updating this on a mostly daily basis.  But it will always have the news from the day before because of my work schedule.

Onward to the ranting!

First, a few words on the Health Care Debate.

For the most part I am a fan of this new legislation.  While I think the idea of a fine for people who don’t have insurance is stupid and wrong, most of the rest of it I do like.  For instance, the closing the “doughnut hole” in the Medicare Prescription costs, keeping young adults under their parents plans (optionally) until they are 26, and forcing insurance companies to cover everyone even if they’re sick are all good ideas.  Lowering premiums and costs to consumers is fantastic.

A public option would be nice, so would fines for any company that didn’t offer health insurance to their workers.  I may be pro-choice but I think that federal money shouldn’t be used for abortions so I’m okay with that too.  This plan aims to cover an additional 32 million people (or something like that.)

So why the hell are people still acting like it’s Armageddon?

I don’t understand why people would fight this so vehemently.  The only reason I could see for a politician to want to fight it is because the person is a greedy son-of-a who just wants the money from sky high premiums.  News flash, Congress!  You work for us. For the people.  We hire you by electing you and if we want it than it shouldn’t matter how personally opposed to it you are.  Your money isn’t going to us, so keep your wallets out of it and do what more than half the country want you to do.

We have four years to amend this and make it work smoothly and in the people’s best interests.  I hate how people are running scared from it like it’s going to blow up and kill them.  It’s working to help us.  The middle and lower classes.  Why fight something meant to help us?

Ok, moving on.

Kids Charged, School Faulted After Bullying Causes Suicide 03/31/10

This really does sadden me.  In my opinion, this girl’s death was completely unnecessary and I hope her classmates are guilt-ridden for the rest of their lives.  As much as you can technically deny it, you caused a woman’s suicide.  It ain’t right.  That said, if you are a parent and you know something is happening, you need to take steps to help.  Telling your child to “just ignore it” or “just stand up to them” is not nearly enough and isn’t really helpful.

One, you call the parents.  You tell them what’s going on.  You ask them to stop and tell them if they won’t help stop it you’ll go to a higher authority.  If that fails, you call the school.  You tell them what’s going on, and that they need to help end it.  If they don’t, call the school superintendent.  If that fails, then it’s a call to a lawyer and possibly the cops.  See how many people think you’re joking then. Your child’s life is worth all of it and remind people of cases like this when that comes up.

Kids are cruel by nature.  Hell, so are adults.  We bully in more subtle ways but it still happens.  We gossip and never think about how it could be hurting someone else.  Adults should never just assume it’s a kid thing or a phase and that it’ll all blow over.  I put as much fault on her parents as on the kids that bullied, the parents of those kids, and the school.  It should never have to end in death.

Panel Clears Scientists of Tainting Climate Data 03/31/10

I knew this was going to happen as soon as it came out that “Oh the data might be fake!”  Bullshit and a half.  No way would scientists risk so much of their careers, degrees and reputations on this shit.  I’m sorry you don’t like where the world is headed, but pull your head out of your ass and help fix it!

Vatican Aims to Shield Pope from Testifying in Scandal 03/31/10

1) I think that a good chunk of these claims are false.  Why?  Easy enough.  While I do believe that priest abuse has probably happened and I feel bad for those that it happened to, I think that once you get money involved, a lot of people will claim a lot of things that didn’t actually happen because humans are greedy.  If they get notion that they can get money from this, they’ll make up anything for a piece of that pie.

2) I don’t think the higher ups in the Vatican really knew what was going on, and they may have misjudged a lot.  I don’t think they intentionally tried to cover up a whole nationwide scandal of sex-abuse.  There’s a lot of questions involved in that assumption that I don’t think anyone could properly answer.

3) Getting the Pope to testify would be stupid.  While the case may have started in 2004, Pope Benedict XVI has only had office for 5 years (since Pope John Paul II died 5 years ago.)  This had to have at least started back when John Paul II was Pope and he’s dead.  Also, Pope Benedict XVI is not American.  How would he know any of the details of this case, not to mention any cover-up?  Logic dictates that he had his own shit to worry about back then and knows dick squat about the whole thing except for what’s going on right now.  Quit being stupid.

21 Babies are Found Dead in East China 03/31/10

Ow.  Ok, I understand some things about China.  I know you can only have so many kids.  I also know that a lot of kids die from diseases and such.  Those kids are usually abandoned or buried in unmarked graves.  Parents may have legally asked a hospital to get rid of them.  However, I bet burial or cremation was on their minds, not dumped into a river.  21 dead babies washing up on a shore is like a start to some really bad off-color joke.  The fact that it happened in real life is both shocking and angering.  Jeeze if you’re going to be greedy and just take the cash, at least have the decency to do something so that the bodies won’t be found.  Criminals at their stupidest.  Glad to know it’s not just America.

Self-Sacrifice?  Albany is Best Place to Start 03/31/10

Ditto.  And I laughed really hard at his “pot calling the kettle black” comparisons.

City Gives Benefits to Couples of Same Sex 03/31/10

I like the idea.  While equal benefits to both same sex and opposite sex partners would be perfect 1) nobody’s perfect and 2) they’re right.  Opposite sex couples still have a marriage option if they wish to receive couple benefits.  Same sex couples don’t because somehow New York still couldn’t manage to pass a gay marriage law.  God our lawmakers are stupid.  But, tis a step in the right direction and I applaud.

Abdallah Indicted in Sex Crimes 03/31/10

So I’ve kinda been following this one.  A while back this 13 year old girl was in the news for burning a 1 year old baby’s hand.  She was babysitting the kid for the dad, whom she was living with.  It comes out that she did do it purposely but he was keeping her under lock and key as a sex slave.  The defense lawyer claims the whole rape thing was made up so that she wouldn’t get in trouble for hurting the baby.

Now more and more charges are coming out.  I’m sorry but after this many charges, the police have to have something that proves their case.  Your client is no good Samaritan.  He didn’t take in a runaway to help her get her life back.  Especially not in a house with no doorknobs, where you need two keys to unlock deadbolts.  Which were observed by police.  Even if the sex was consensual (and let’s face it, he had sex with her) she’s fucking 13.  Why didn’t you send her back on her way?  Why, a grown man of 26, would you want a youngster like that around?  Not for anything good, lemme tell ya.

That’s all for today!  Links to the articles are the titles of each rant.  Read and judge for yourself.


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