Abuse, Mail Bans, Serial Killers, and Jimmy Hoffa

Hoping to throw some more good articles in this time as a sort of Easter gift to you all.  Two days worth of news coming your way!

Hidden Camera Leads to 8 Arrests at Nursing Home 04/01/10

God, I wish this was an April Fool’s joke.  It’s well known that senior citizen abuse happens in private and in nursing facilities for a long time, and that a lot of it is under reported.  Some of that is due to an inability to report the matter and some are too afraid to report it.  Cuomo is taking a step in the right direction by using hidden cameras to catch a lot of this.

First of all, the fact that certified and licensed nurses are doing this angers the hell out of me.  You got into the business to take care of people.  I’m assuming you applied for this job because you wanted to do just that and you knew it would be hard with old and infirm people.  To bullshit and half-ass your job when your job is another person’s life is unacceptable. It’s not the Christian thing, but if someone died because of your shit, I hope the guilt kills you.

Two, with the exception of one young nurse (25) who might have youth as a weak excuse, all of the other nurses arrested are over 35.  Some of them are in their 60’s.  Remember “do unto others?”  How would you like to end up in a nursing home and have the same treatment happen to you.  Taste of your own damn medicine, or lack thereof.

Three, I am annoyed that they can’t do more than prosecute them for falsifying business records.  They’re only going to jail for saying they did their work when they didn’t.  They may be felonies but it annoys me that it’s not really considered a human rights violation or something.  As much as we don’t need another new law for legislators to fuck with, there should be a stature for this kind of thing.

Senecas Irate as Obama Signs Cigarette Mailing Ban 04/01/10

Oy.  This might take a while.  So you can no longer ship cigarettes in the mail.  Okay, I can see why one might want to ban this.  On a purely business and health standpoint, one first of all can not be sure that one gets what one pays for in the mail.  Here, we can reduce fraud.  Two, you’re not always sure what’s in what they send you.  Whether or not your cigarettes have been tampered with and that’s a lot that can happen.  Last thing you need is people fucking with your shit.

However, both the Seneca nation and the Anti-Smoking groups need to chill out.

Senecas may be making quite a profit on this, but it is not breaking damn Indian treaties.  In my opinion, as long as they don’t decide to force you to use American taxes, then your safe.  It’s just one way you can’t sell and I’m surprised it was legal to begin with.  Always seemed shady to me.  Like buying prescriptions and Viagara online.

Anti-Smokers piss me off more.  One, I don’t care if you don’t like smoking, but other people do.  By now we all know the side effects; it’s been drilled into our heads since we were 12.  If we want to kill ourselves, let us do it in peace.  Jesus when we can’t even smoke outside and we can’t smoke inside either you’ve just taken away one of our freedoms.  What would happen if I decided I didn’t like one of your vices and decided to have legislation take it away?

I’m rambling.  More to the point, the “victories” you name in this bill are bullshit.

First of all, it doesn’t help to “keep kids from smoking.”  If a kid wants something, they’re going to find a way to get it.  Most parents don’t notice if a couple cigarettes go missing or if they smell smoke in the house because they’re smokers as well.  Those kids with non-smoking parents?  Smoke outside because they have friends whose parents smoke.  Fake ID’s still exist and I know teenagers have over-18 friends that will buy them packs with no one ever knowing.

Two, the “tax evasion” thing.  It doesn’t cost taxpayers shit for this.  What costs taxpayers is the ridiculous taxes states levy on smokers to pad their budget because they can’t stop spending.  Don’t believe me? Read this article. I don’t like paying for your fuck-ups.

I don’t think the Internet retailers should have to pay either, because the taxes vary from state to state and tax laws are long, complicated, wordy and suck balls.

I do like the idea of checking age and IDs when delivered, though.

General Not Punished for Pushing Gay Ban 04/01/10

The gay ban needs to be lifted.  It does nothing but promote secrets and tension and fear.  As for his punishment, come on!  I don’t mind that he is against it, it’s his opinion, however wrong it may be.  To urge other troops to lobby and follow him is inappropriate sure.  But to get away with it?  Letter of reprimand, or something, people!

Marine’s Dad Ordered to Pay Protester’s Court Fees 03/29/10

Technically this article is a little out of date.  But I couldn’t find the one I was looking for.  I get that the protesters have free speech.  Again, it’s your opinion, however wrong it may be.  But to make the loser pay those idiot’s court costs is a bit absurd.  Let them all go their separate ways and pay their own fees. They don’t need to “recoup court costs.”  If you don’t think the family suffered emotional pain and suffering from these narrow minded dumbasses “protesting” (and I used that term very loosely) their son’s funeral, fine.  But it does “add insult to injury” that they have to pay for it all.

Lucky for this man, so many people have decided to help.  You know you fucked up when the country goes to bat for this man over it.  When even fucking Bill O’Reilly is sending you money and urging others to do so, maybe your judgement wasn’t quite fair and proper.  I hope this “church” (I’ll use that term loosely too) realizes that all their money is now coming from the people they hate.  I really hope the gays start donating too, just so they can have so-called “tainted” money on their books.

I, too, urge you to help this poor guy.  He deserves it.

Razing of Giants Stadium May Bury Hoffa Mystery 04/02/10

Now for something completely different.  I’d like to see them take a good long look and make sure there are no bones or anything there, but I doubt they will.  Hell, it’s a good a time as any.  However…

He could’ve been eaten by cannibals living in a mine in Arizona…

(Psst. Read the Preacher graphic novel series.)

Life Sentence for Killer of Abortion Doctor 04/02/10

Thank the Gods for this judge.  This dude deserves it.  His logic had me shaking my head over this entire trial.  It almost physically hurts.  Half the time, they’re not even right.  While I understand this guy did late-term abortions (which, while I am pro-choice, is not something I’m particularly comfortable with) most abortions are not what pro-lifers make them out to be.

In the course of your testimony, I have found that this man not only has no remorse, but no soul.  I’m fairly certain God isn’t looking on you with nice eyes right now and you are so going to be disappointed at the “Gates of Judgement” or whatever awaits you in the afterlife.

I really hope the inmates have fun with him.  51 years and 8 months is a long time.

Strangling, Drug Traces Prevalent in Autopsies 04/02/10

Oh I’ve been following this case since it broke.  The more bodies they unearthed, the bigger the case got, the more interested I got.  The fact that the city never investigated the smell of decomposition is an entirely different subject.  That he was a registered offender and still did this is amazing.  How does a man like this work?

Not guilty my ass.  11 bodies found in and around your home and you have nothing to do with it?  You’re a bad liar as well.

Psychiatric Disorder Offered as Defense in Wife Killing at Cornell 04/02/10

It’s hard to know whether this guy is telling the truth or not.  If indeed he has documented schizophrenic symptoms, then why the attempted cover-up?  Could he be faking it?  This will be interesting to see.

Lawmaker Seeks End to Low-Hanging Pants 04/02/10

I never got how this trend became popular.  I can see why the glimpse of a girl’s panties in her tight pants is at least plausible because we are a sex-driven people and boys like to see girls undies.  But for the most part, showing off your underwear to the world in a way that makes you trip up stairs (among other more harmful but hilarious ways to lose your pants and fall) is not only a bad idea but let’s face it, no one wants to see that.

I tell boys all the time in my store to “pull up your pants.”  When they give me looks I simply say that I have no interest in their undergarments and it’s not sexy.  Shorts are not pants, even if you wear them at your knees.  And it’s inefficient for a “gangsta” to run away from cops if their pants keep them from even walking.

Finally someone else is bitching about it.  Damn good way to do it too.

And finally,

On the subject of that radical Christian militia leader, tapes were heard in court where he says stuff like “People should not fear the government.  The government should fear the people.”  How V for Vendetta of you.  While it may be true… “Ur doin it wrong.”


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