Zero Punctuation is Better than Legalizing Drugs

We’re doing two days worth of stuff again because I got lazy yesterday.  I blame Zero Punctuation.

You all know the drill.  Click the headline for a link to the article.

In No-Win War on Narcotics, A Call for Some Legalization 04/06/10

Finally people are re-thinking this thing.  I’ve known this whole “war on drugs” thing was getting us nowhere for a while.  Yeah the kids programs are pretty good and it does some good but nowhere near what it needs to be doing.  Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, why did we think it would work for drugs?

Legalizing some (and I heavily emphasis that word) drugs might be a good options.  Legalizing “natural” drugs (like weed, ‘shrooms and peyote) might have some benefit in our country.  Such as an ability to set up people to cultivate it and putting taxes on it.  I would still strongly recommend keeping the harder drugs out of it, but no longer would our jails be filled with pot heads.

That’s another bit that needs to be reformed.  This hard jail time stance for owning like an ounce of pot is crowding our jails with otherwise innocent people and costing taxpayers rather a lot of money.  There should be a steps system to it.  Less severe sentences for less severe crimes.  The drug dealer who’s killed 3 people can have the hard jail time.  Let the hippie smoking a joint go on probation for 3 months.  Not equal crimes, so why do they have equal time?

I think the article is mostly right on the fact that it’s got to be a cooperative effort.  Legalizing some things won’t solve the problem, but it might help and getting the community involved would help a lot too.  They made a good point about how teens are coming into drugs now-a-days: through prescription meds that their parents have.  Parents make sure their kids can’t get into anything they think is dangerous, but they don’t realize a lot of that stuff is sitting on their bathroom counters.

Parents need to be the first step.  I’ve said this about a lot of other things too.  You need to raise your kids, set limits and teach them right from wrong and punish them.  Teach them consequences for disobeying you.  It’s not somebody else’s (teacher, police, neighbor) job.  It’s yours.

Gay Couples Urged to Fill Out Census 04/06/10

I like this idea.  Regardless of what some people think, the Census Bureau is right.  Straight people can list someone they live with as “married” even if they’re not.  The Census doesn’t ask for legal proof.  So, if that’s how a gay couple wish to identify themselves, they shouldn’t be stopped.  It’s a civil rights thing.  We can’t bar them from getting jobs or going to school, so why should be bar their happiness in marriage?  It’s redefining marriage, certainly.  But this country is founded on separation of church and state.  So to say “well but the Bible doesn’t say…” in a political act of any kind means your opinion is disqualified.  Politics is supposed to be concerned with equality.  Keep religion out of it.

Court Ruling Will Turn Your Stomach 04/06/10

He says most of what I was trying to say on the Snyder vs Wesboro Baptist Church case.  He’s also much more articulate than I am.  Read it.

Solving the Missing 2 at Group Home 04/06/10

If I were this man’s family, I’d be having a fit right now.  You’ve placed your loved one in the care of those that specialize in this type of thing, trusting them to take care of this person.  And your attendant steals a van and goes out to buy drugs with him in tow?  Hit yourself, repeatedly.  You are stupid, let nobody tell you otherwise.  You deserve to have the crap beat out of you by this man’s family in retaliation.

Driver Survives as SUV Falls 30 feet Onto Tracks 04/07/10

I like to throw in good or strange stories every now and again.  This one is definitely a jaw dropper.  This woman should count her blessings.

Also really enjoyed this cartoon by Adam Zyglis.

It’s been slow in the news around here, nothing much that I really care about going on.  So, later days all!


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