Immature Senior Rats

We start our day off right today with people hating on seniors!

Battle Spreads Over Apartments for Seniors 04/08/10

I don’t understand the big problem.  Somebody wants to build housing for seniors, so people age 55 and older.  Most of these people live on fixed incomes, so a good portion of this housing would have to be subsidized.  And there is where people find a big problem.  And where they stop using their brains.

They hear “subsidized housing” and think East Side run down apartment buildings teeming with crime and falling apart.  But they forget the whole “senior” part of it.  Statistically most of these people are single women over the age of 75.  They’re not going to be committing grand theft auto here folks.  I’m fairly certain there’s not a big crack market in that either.

They want beautiful single family homes to raise their property rate.  But they don’t think right about it.  For instance, most people aren’t settling down and getting married and having kids anymore.  So not a lot of families.  And a lot of baby boomers are aging.  So lots of seniors.  There is a demand and these people want to use vacant property to do it.

It comes down to the fact that the people who live in these suburbs, not just in Buffalo but probably around the country, want only upscale rich people there.  If you’re poor and old you don’t belong and they don’t like you.  It’s wrong.  It’s discriminatory.  Put yourself in their place.  You’re 75 and your spouse is gone and all you have is your Social Security.  You’re family can’t afford to take you in or don’t have the room.  But there’s nowhere you can go because when you were middle-aged you told them you didn’t want subsidized housing.  Now you need it and they’re long gone.

Most of these housing units would be going up so older people in the community could stay in the community they love and not have to move into the city just to find an affordable place to live.

Other articles to mull over:

Check the archives of the Buffalo News for the article entitled “Snobbery? Discrimination? Orchard Park taken to task.”  It’s the article that starts the whole thing.

For Orchard Park, Time is Standing Still 10/28/09

Alternative Site Sought for Senior Housing in Orchard Park 12/17/09

Planners Reject Rezoning For Project 02/13/10

Orchard Park Board Delays Decision on Rezoning for People, Inc. 03/18/10

Orchard Park Board Denies Rezoning for Senior Housing 04/08/10

Angry yet?  You should be.

Okay new topic.

Growing Number of Threats Target Federal Lawmakers 04/09/10

Okay this is not appropriate behavior for adults.  I’m sorry you don’t like things changing.  But threatening a lawmaker with death will only get you arrested and then you’ll find out first-hand what the gays do in the bedroom.

Cry, moan, whine and plead all you want when you get arrested, but your immature acts have consequences.  Do something constructive.  Hold a protest.  Draw up a petition.  Hell, vote in the next election, which I’m sure a lot of you don’t do to begin with.  Just stop acting like 13 year olds.

Rats on the Run – But Haven’t Given Up 04/08/10

This amuses me.  Back in 2001, our city mandated these big blue garbage totes to be used instead of regular garbage cans.  The suburbs laughed, called them ugly and refused to do the same thing.  By 2006 they had thousands of rat complaints.  These totes are the shit for keeping rats out.  So they finally adopted them.  Rat sightings fell.

But now they’re rising again.  This is happening for two reasons, by my logic.  One, because the suburbs think the totes magically fix everything.  The city people know that where you store them and how much garbage you throw in each count too.  Also, we don’t complain as much about a few rats.  Two, because the suburbs are richer.  More money, more food, more waste.  They’re staying where there are people.  In fact, a lot of way out suburbs that still use garbage cans are now seeing rat increases.  Guess why?

People, please use your head.  Clean up your garbage areas.  Use more than one can.  Clean up after bird feeders and the like.  Don’t expect magic.

And that’s about all that mattered to me.  I should have some more tomorrow.


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