Tea Party Texting Murdering Diplomat

Sad news starting out folks.

Texting While Driving Claims 8th Life in 3 Years 04/09/10

Now, that statistic is only for the Western New York area.  But this is still sad.

First of all, it’s incredibly stupid.  I can’t believe anybody would think that was a good idea.  I can vaguely see why somebody would defend talking on the phone, but texting takes both hands and eyes, which you need for driving.  So how does that even start to constitute a good idea?

Secondly, I’m not quite sure why New York State made it a “secondary offense.”  This means you can’t get pulled over for it, you can only get a ticket if you’re doing something else illegal.  It’s stupid.  No one is going to not do it if they know they can’t get pulled over for it.  If you knew you could do something, get caught but not necessarily get punished, would that deter you from doing it?  I think not.

I remember those 5 girls that started this whole “ban texting while driving” campaign.  The driver was texting and swerved into an oncoming tractor trailer.  They were new high school graduates.  Come on now, at least hand the phone to the passenger.  I’ve been in that situation.  I gladly take phone calls and texts on friends’ phones while they’re driving.  I relay all the messages and then they don’t have to be distracted (much) and I don’t have to die.

This poor girl, all alone on a rural road, swerves too fast and rolls over.  Gets ejected from the car (wear a seat belt folks) and no one finds out what happens until three hours later.  These are stupid, senseless tragedies that don’t have to happen.

Albany: Pass a better law!  People: Use common sense!!

U.S. to Close Book on Diplomat’s Airline Bomb Scare 04/09/10

I’ve seen stuff about this event for like a week now and I can’t figure out, for the life of me, why we keep harping upon it.

It’s simple.  A Qutari diplomat snuck off to an airline restroom to have a cigarette and people panicked.  He had no explosives or anything of the sort.  He has diplomatic immunity so he can’t be prosecuted.

Why do we care anymore?  Can we drop it now?

Skater’s Brother Faces Manslaughter Charge 04/09/10

Never thought ice skating could have quite this much drama.  If I’m right, poor Nancy was the woman clocked with a pipe under the knee and unable to skate one year because of it.  Her life is just full of stories, ain’t it?  This is bound to be a somewhat interesting case at least.  A lot like the one that accuses the “Survivor” producer of killing his wife.

Tea Party Ads Target Stupak 04/09/10

I couldn’t find a link to this article, sorry.  But it annoys me.  While Tea Party activists have some good points, they also like to veer to the insane extreme on the Republican side.  Like this.  Targeting Stupak is stupid.  Saying “you betrayed our constitution” is also stupid.  On a large scale.  There is nothing in the constitution about  healthcare.  Again, not understanding why something that’s going to help 32 million people is bad anyway.

Bart Stupak was targeted for his eventual support.  Because he saw a need for change and compromised and got it.  Mich Albom is right in his article about it.  Stupak never went back on his beliefs.  People just haven’t read/listened close enough to understand exactly what this bill contains.

God sometimes I hate people…


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