Poland in Mourning, Abortions, and Stupid Republicans

Two/three days worth of stuff, because I got a little busy Sunday morning and never did write up one of these.  Blaming a boy this time.

A Nation in Mourning 04/10/10

I found out on Saturday morning, while doing another one of these, about the plane crashed that killed 96 people, among whom were the Polish President and a whole bunch of top government officials.

God has a really bad sense of humor.  It’s like if our President were to die on the way to a 9/11 Memorial.  It’s just wrong in so many ways.  As if a plane crash weren’t bad enough, but they were going to honor the death of 22,000 Polish soldiers that were massacred by the Soviets.  So now God is the only person in the party laughing at a really bad, off-color joke.  Like telling a black joke in front of the only black person at a party.

What got me more was the article they printed in the Sunday paper (which I don’t take home.)  I just had to read it, and one of the things they mentioned was that most of the very important lawmakers and such were still in Poland, business was going to continue there as usual.  My sister freaked when I read that and had to re-read it to confirm.

Your president is dead and half your top government officials are too.  Half the important people in government are gone in a flash and it’s “business as usual”?  I had a mini-freak out.  Way to tell the country that the person they elect for leadership doesn’t really do anything.  Kick yourselves.

Moving on…

Palin-led Republicans Vow to Reverse Obama 04/10/10

First of all, Sarah Palin is the last person on the planet who needs to talk about fixing anything Obama is currently doing.  I, for one, think he has to be radical.  If he wasn’t, if he just went with the flow and what everyone else says, he wouldn’t be making much of an effort to fix this country.  He’d wouldn’t be the President he told us he would be.  I knew he was gonna shake things up.  That’s why I voted for him!

I knew this recession and our debt would get worse before it got better.  Bush spent so much money on the war, there wasn’t anything left to help our country with.  We have to change things, radically.  We have to fix all the ways it went so wrong in the first place.  But we don’t have any money, so in order to start the process of fixing it, we’re going to need to go to deficit extremes.  We need to spend less but that means less money to things like the military and education, which no one wants to have happen.  But no one wants higher taxes either.  Apparently no one knows how to compromise either.

They want to reverse the health care overhaul and all I can think is “why?”  This plan expands coverage to 32 million more people.  Do you not want more people to have health insurance?  Should health insurance only be a luxury for the rich who can afford it?  God forbid you ever lose some of your precious money.  God forbid you ever have to work a damn day in your life for less money than it takes to survive.  No one should die because they can’t afford insurance.  And no one should go broke just to be able to stay healthy.

“When they say ‘yes we can,’ we stand up and say ‘oh no, you don’t!'”  What a backward mentality!  How can progress be allowed to do good when it’s thwarted at every push by backward people who want everything fixed but nothing changed?  These Republicans want everything to stay the same, even when something goes wrong.  “Fix it but don’t change it” is their motto.  It’s not a good one.  Things need to change.  What worked for solving problems back in the 30’s (which weren’t necessarily popular either, but FDR prevailed) are not going to be as useful in a new millennium.

Newt Gingrich calls him the “most radical president in US history.”  GOOD!  I would proudly wear that title.  This country needs radical.  It needs change.  And I know it’s not going to be quick change.  But it’s the foundations he’s laying down now that will help far into the future.  When I can tell my kids that they can enjoy all the things that make them healthy because of Obama.

By god if they really do get someone to repel this law in 2013 I will march to Washington and decry them as unpatriotic myself.

Speaking of health care…

Health Coverage Scams Spread 04/13/10

This just saddens me.  I really hate those that take a huge advantage of desperate people.  And it looks to me like these are supposed to be big-time legitimate companies.  Individuals who run these scams are scumbags who deserve a beating.  Companies set up to do it deserve beatings and arson at the very least.

New Nebraska Law Adds Restrictions on Abortions 04/14/10

Just caught this on USA Today looking for something else.  While I do tend to support some (a good chunk of) laws against late term abortions, I find the reasons behind this one a little…well wrong.

I understand viability.  If the fetus can survive on it’s own, you can’t kill it.  Then you’re murdering.  That is a full life.  The whole “feel pain” thing on the other hand tips it into restricting constitutional rights.  We don’t really know what the fetus feels and what it doesn’t, because we aren’t one.

More what got me in this article was the harping about the “rights of the unborn.”  Does an unborn fetus get claimed on a tax return?  Do they pay taxes or contribute in any positive way to society?  How about no.  No they don’t.  Leave the “rights” bit out until they’re a fully-fledged human that can at least get claimed on a tax return.

I am, however, on board with the screenings.  Abortions are medical procedures, and proper research should be done beforehand.  Especially to figure out about any health problems the mother may have.  It may make things more expensive, but there are benefits.  We do want to avoid post-abortion problems and make sure we know about any potential problems beforehand.  Just like in other medical procedures.  Gasp!

Paladino Under Fire for E-mails 04/13/10

Donn Esmonde is right. While I understand that sexism/racism/bigotry of all kinds flows like water on the internet, and that a person’s personal views (along with that of their friends) is private, this is really not what you want to come out when running for governor.

I won’t gang up on someone much for pornography.  I’m a huge fan of online erotica.  If anyone actually read anything over my shoulder, they would blush like a 13 year old schoolgirl.  HOWEVER.  There is a limit and a line.  A line that, with your friends may be pretty high, but when you have political aspirations you need to set that bar lower.  Way lower.  Way way WAY lower.

“We feel it’s important for people to know who Carl Paladino is.”  You mean a lying sack of shit like every other person who wants to be in politics?  I had no idea!

Hit yourselves.

A few sentiments:

  • Stupak’s retirement was NOT caused by the Tea Party.  You guys are the arrogant ones, not Obama.
  • The GOP have fought “big government intrusions” by stuff like the census for so long they now risk being under counted.  Serves you right for thinking with your ass instead of your brain.
  • The Washington Post says the Postal Service should consider outsourcing some operations.  It’s not the United States Postal Service then, is it?  Ridiculous.
  • I don’t really care that much about Oprah.  Stop talking about that damn biography already.

Good day all.


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