Attacking and Defending

Looks like everyone is in damage control mode today (yesterday…ish), from Carl Paladino to the Vatican.  This is why it’s good to think about one’s actions.  If you know whatever you’re doing could be someday used against you, you have two options.  One, stop doing whatever it is you’re doing.  Or you can learn to cover your tracks really REALLY well.  Either get smart or stop showing people you’re stupid, folks.  That’s really all it is.

Also, while I like the Tea Party slogan of “Government works for us, not the other way around” I’m not sure I like the way they go about it.  One of the things I’ve always believed is that the government works for us because our money pays for them and we choose who we put in office.  However, Tea Party conservatives seem to think that their money is the only one that counts and everything should go according to their plans.  I don’t think they understand the concept of compromise and thinking of the big picture and of unselfishness.  Taking on Obama and all his “radical” (thank god they are) policies is just showing how selfish and backward you are.  Palin is not a smart choice for leadership, folks.

And I applaud Obama quickly undertaking a change in the Engergy Star Program right after it’s made known that the thing is subject to frauds (as is every other government program known.)

Slow news day folks, so that’s all I’ve got.  I’m off to eat.


~ by ladyruby07 on April 16, 2010.

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