A Week of Stupid

As usual, I have like a weeks worth of news to catch up on.  Part of it was life, my work got a little bit hectic when a girl quit right before her shift while three people were on vacation time.  The other part was the urge to relax after all that work.  I blame the Nostalgia Critic here, because he’s the funniest dude ever.

Now let’s rewind time a bit to last Wednesday, April 21st, and we’ll see what the news had for us that day.

That was the day the High Court reversed a ban on animal cruelty videos.  I feel as if I should at least put my two cents in about the whole affair.  It’s a difficult path to trod between free speech and the attempt to keep animals safe from abuse.  Especially in the form of certain fetishes, like that of “crushing.”  Mostly, I support removal on the ban because it was too vague.  Taken the wrong way, films about hunting (nature documentaries and the like) could be persecuted as criminal under that law.  A more restricted law, like one pertaining to “crushing” in particular, would be far more effective.  While filming dog fighting could be considered illegal, those persecuted under this law got more time than the people running the dog fighting rings.  The law needs to be more condensed and apply more fairly.

There are a few things about it that annoy me though.  I do not believe the videos “virtually disappeared” once the measure became law.  They just became much, much harder to find.  No one will stop making them, no matter what laws you pass.  They just become harder to find.  Which brings me to my next point.  This does not “accelerate the trend” of crush videos and the like.  It only appears to.  The makers haven’t stopped, they just see a little more freedom and have posted them in places that are more accessible.  Quit being stupid.

Also, I applaud the government (well the Democrats anyway) for working so speedily on trying to get legislation against health insurance premiums passed.  It has been one of my big pet peeves about health insurance: how much you have to pay just to have it.  Lowered premiums should help more people get coverage, and regulating the way they get jacked up all the time should help people be able to keep coverage without sacrificing as much.  I don’t buy that rising medical costs have a huge influence in premiums.  I think that once we address those, and the medical malpractice laws that currently suck ass, then we’ll have much lower medical costs than you think.  Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, folks.

Read Leonard Pitts’ commentary on John McCain’s integrity for a really good laugh, because I liked that one a lot.

And in local news, the 24KT Gold strip club had it’s liquor license case, where one of the drug dealers arrested in the raid testified about what had gone on there.  I find it highly amusing how the story changes just a little during the course of the article (that is, this drug dealer’s story) and how he doesn’t know and can’t recognize the co-owner of the club (so yeah, she knew what was going on. Right.)  Liquor Authority needs to pull it’s head out of it’s ass and stop trying to be righteous on these businesses.  A suspension is fine, not a permanent ban.

Think what happened in this FBI raid is bad, check out what happened at a Detroit strip club.

I started out my Friday (April 23rd) with a blurb about former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s corruption trial,  in particular the fact that he wants to subpoena President Bush to testify.  He seems to believe that our President can clear up a lot of this misunderstanding about him wanting to sell Obama’s vacant senate seat.  I’m sorry but dude, really?  They have you on wiretap pretty much being the underhanded crook you are.  You get no sympathy.

Right after that, I had to facepalm a bit as I read that Arizona wants to push a bill through the Legislature to require Obama to show his birth certificate before being allowed to be on the ballot for the 2012 elections.  Are you serious?  I mean, really that has to be public record somewhere.  I’m sure Obama has proved to the courts and numerous others that just because his father’s an immigrant doesn’t mean he is too.  Really?  You all need a good whack upside the head!

Hoping to relieve my anger at stupidity I checked out an article about the recent South Park episodes and the new censorship they did.  I think, if you want to avoid Parker and Stone getting assassinated (and the Muslim’s are NOT the only ones that want to do that) the moral message of the episode shouldn’t have been censored, the actual cartoon bits of Muhammad should have.  As it is, didn’t you know they’d do something like this eventually?  While I’m not always down for their rather crude humor and the like, I do think that Parker and Stone are great social commentators and I like how they keep the show very relevant.

And then more stupid hit me.  Apparently April 23rd was the day of stupid, because these next two articles will have you headdesk.

One was a blurb about a girl feeling relieved after killing a woman because of her age.  I can’t find the article, but basically this 18 year old girl, high on painkillers, crashed her car into a house and killed a woman.  When she found out the woman was 70 she had this to say:

The thing that made me feel not so bad was she was old.  I mean 70 years is a long time to live.

Where are your parents?!  Oh my god do you need some jail time!  Maybe, just maybe, it will teach you to not be an incredible amount of stupid!  To the victim’s family, on behalf of my generation, I’m sorry for your loss and for her obvious lack of brains.

Not to mention the 42 year old guy that thought it was okay to post an ad for a fake orgy involving one of his neighbors online.  I don’t care what you have against the woman, that is all kinds of wrong.  And what would you have done if she didn’t take offense and had that rowdy orgy, huh?  Not to mention the added stupidity of a man going to the wrong house and groping a teenage girl.  No wonder our children are screwed, if the ones raising them are that immature and stupid.

The only thing local I cared about was Donn Esmonde’s column.  Read it and see why.  My heart bleeds.

Saturday (April 24th) didn’t start out much better, since their news focus was on infidelity and the high-tech ways people cheat.  None of this is new to me.  We have evolved along with the technology, making the crimes easier to commit (and sometimes harder to track.)  The fact that web sites exist to give you an affair alibi doesn’t surprise me.  Nor do web sites specifically for cheaters.  I knew about those when the Ashley something-or-other website ads were going on.  Why is this news?

Also not surprising and actually quite humorous to me is the Securities and Exchange Commission being accused of watching porn at work and that’s how we got into this financial mess (or part of the reason why.)  Shouldn’t slack off at work, apparently.

I really haven’t seen this much stupidity in the news for a while.

And the only things of interest in the Sunday paper were spotlight articles I wanted to read that nobody else will care much about.

Tuesday’s (April 27th’s) paper rolled around and more stupidity abounded.  Right there, on the front page, it said “Family Wants Handguns Linked to Crime.”  And they mean the handgun industry.  I’m sorry but when you sell a gun legally, and someone else then sells it illegally, how is that your fault?  I may not like the second amendment much, but the “right to bear arms” kinda goes with the “right to sell arms” bit.  You don’t blame the industry.  You blame the dude who thought it was a good idea to sell his gun illegally.  You blame the criminals pushing illegal guns onto the streets.  Blaming the industry for making them is like blaming ice cream companies for Rosie O’Donnell being fat.

I am pleased that the Supreme Court will at least review the case against restrictions and bans on violent video games.  It is up to the parent’s, not the government, to keep the material you don’t like away from your kids.  The rating system is in effect for a reason.  It works just like the ones for movies do.  If you don’t like you, you take the action.  Free Speech rules that the ban be revoked because if it’s allowed to be passed, what else will you restrict in the name of “safety”?  Besides, it’s only half-true that video games targets kids.  They do, but more and more the gaming industry is seeing a rise in older gamers, those in their late teens and early twenties.  People who can legally buy M rated games.  They are targeting these people as well.  I’m sure they are well aware that as fun as Guitar Hero is for kids, it’s also a great drinking game at a frat party.

And I have one more Leonard Pitts article, this time on change.  Read it, he makes a good point.

I fear for the future of this country sometimes.


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