From Stupid to Absurd

So I started the paper yesterday with local news.  A front page headline on the funniest thing in the world to me.  Apparently here in Buffalo, there is a war going on between the Parking Enforcers and the City of Buffalo Police Officers.  Officers are getting angry at having their private vehicles ticketed while on duty, are responding by paying close attention the the parking enforcers and issuing them moving violations.  It’s a ticket war!

Ok, so I laughed.  A lot.

And then I read that apparently in the 1930’s, Scottish police really did believe the Loch Ness monster existed.  They wanted to find a way to protect it from big game hunters.  Way to stoke the public’s imagination again.  Does nothing more exciting happen in Scotland?  This is absurd.

Then, finally, I got to some serious news.  Have you heard about this new Arizona immigration law bullshit?  How they want to require citizens to carry around proof of citizenship so if asked they can prove they’re not illegal? The Mexican government had to issue a damn travel warning to the state.  It’s ridiculous.  It does encourage racial profiling, for one.  Not that it doesn’t happen already, but you just sanctioned it.  Oh, the ways this law can be used and abused.

By the way, for any (pardon my blutness) retards out there planning on boycotting the Arizona Ice Tea company because of the law, please do your homework.  The tea shares the states name only.  They are a New York based brewing company.  You’re not doing anything productive doing that.

In more angering news, Oklahoma overturned a governor’s veto on some new abortion bills.  The main bit about it that got my panties in a twist are the same ones irking a lot of other pro-choice people.  The bill requires a woman to have an ultrasound before the abortion (which they do anyway) but the ultrasound has to be described in detail.  All the dimensions and visible development of the fetus as well as viewing the ultrasound (currently I think only the doctors do that.)  That, my friends, is called psychological warfare.  I’m fairly certain it’s not going to make any woman come to a suddenly “moral” enlightenment and stop the process.  I am certain, however, that it will fuck with her head on a huge level and probably require her to have not only bigger guilty feelings than she already has, but need psychological help as well.  Quit being assholes.  Stay the hell out of other people’s personal business.


  • The new law that insures college-age kids on their parents’ health care plan up to the age of 27 is tax free.  No additional taxes will be incurred by you for this.  See, the government can do things right.
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is recommending raising the age that a person can obtain a full driver’s license from 17 to 18.  Step in the right direction, but you’re doing it wrong.  Raise it to 21.  Hardly anybody over that age can drive well, much less anybody under it.
  • Assemblyman Richard Brodsky (from NY) wants a measure to expand organ donations. He believes in “presumed consent.” In other words, you would have to select to not donate your organs, or they would be no matter what.  I like the idea.  It makes it easier for lazy or busy people to do something good (like they want to) but have never had the time or the inclination to fill out the organ donor forms.
  • And now NYC is going to charge Hollywood for the permits they give out for film and video crews shooting movies and things there.  There goes it’s originality and sense of uniqueness.

That’s all that was interesting to me today.  Later Days!


~ by ladyruby07 on April 29, 2010.

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