Finally, a Little Good News

Didn’t find too much interesting today,  just a shot of random stories.

First one is local again, revolving around the ever-controversial Buffalo Holding Center.  At least this one isn’t another suicide.  No, apparently an inmate hurt in an altercation with another inmate was denied an ambulance to go to the hospital.  Now, from what I gather from the article, the ambulance wasn’t strictly necessary.  However, requiring the deputy to take him in a patrol car instead seems a little…wrong.  It’s unsanitary and frankly a little dangerous.  Isn’t there a better alternative than either using an emergency vehicle (like an ambulance) that costs a shit ton of money, or a regular old car where anything can go wrong?

In the world, India had a scrap dealer die of radiation poisoning on them.  Talk about your hazardous job.  Who, first of all, auctions off a gamma cell?  Secondly, who thinks it’s a good idea to open it without protective gear?  And how do you let radioactive crap lie around for 25 years?!  It’s a collaboration of stupid!

But enough stupid.  In good news, people are rising up against this stupid new Arizona immigration law.  There are lawsuits being filed and boycotts erupting, despite the fact that some states want to replicate it.  I find it highly encouraging that an Arizona police officer is suing over it.  Also, the US Navy will allow its first woman to serve on a submarine starting in 2012.  Right before the world ends.  I’m kidding.  I enjoy that the military is starting to become a bit more open, that policies are slowly but surely changing to reflect the belief in equality this government has.

In strange and weird news, apparently there was a case of mistaken identity in Pennsylvania.  I particularly liked the “You’re dead, you’re dead!” “No, I’m sleeping” part.

And remember that ex-police officer I told you about, who assaulted a kid on a bike for nothing and everyone on YouTube saw it?  Yeah he got convicted of lying but not of assault.  The fuck?  Well at least he’ll probably still get jail time.

And, though I don’t usually do this, you guys might wanna read the review of the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie.  The guy confuses me.  When was Nightmare ever “morally ambiguous”?  Hell, when wasn’t it?  Considering the whole plot about him killing the kids of the parents that killed him is still there, I think that covers “morally ambiguous.”  Also, what the hell does somnambulant (yep that’s what he wrote) mean?  I swear, these reviewers just flip through dictionaries picking out words that make them sound smart.  Jeff Simon is the worst offender of this.  Read his Alice in Wonderland review.  He’s a pretentious asshole.

And that’s all that really mattered to me today.  Later Days!


~ by ladyruby07 on May 1, 2010.

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