The Weird World of News

So I’ve got a couple of days to catch up on, because I obviously get too lazy on my days off to do anything.  So we’ll be covering Saturday and Monday in this post.  Can’t blame anyone today, sorry.

I’m wondering about how much bullshit is really being thrown around over in the military over the proposed retraction of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law.  The military itself seeks to delay the choice on whether or not to repel the law, but I wonder how much of what they’re claiming is simply scared bullshit.  I mean, I understand there are probably some raging homophobes in the military, just like in civilian life.  There are probably also quite a few people already okay with this idea, which seems a long time coming to me.  I don’t quite see how lifting the ban, and not allowing the military to fire you for being openly gay, is a huge problem right from the get go.  I can understand the rest, but it’s not saying that people have to come out.  They can still remain quiet.  It’s just that if they choose to come out, then they’re protected.  What’s the big damn deal?

Right under that column was a tiny little article about a kid in Massachusetts getting a life sentence without parole for killing a kid in his Boston high school.  While I think life without parole might be a little harsh for a 19 year old (and he was 16 at the time of the crime) I was amused by the last paragraph of the copy I have of the article.  Did they really try to use legal insanity for this?  Stupid does not equal crazy people.  No wonder the jury doesn’t buy that shit.

Also in the Northeast, New Jersey has a new law that requires drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 to have removable red decals on their license plates that identify them as inexperienced. Not surprisingly, teens are opposed to this.  And in this case, they should be ignored.  One, the decals are $4.  That’s it.  It costs more to get your license than it does to get those.  So cost is a non-issue.  Secondly, just because you can drive doesn’t mean you’re good at it.  For one, this will help us pedestrians figure out who needs more driving lessons and who’s just an asshole on the road.  For two, if you follow the restrictions that they give you, then you don’t have to worry about the cops now do you?  But no, teens want to drive past their curfew and carry more people than the car can fit and now they’re mad because the police can find them easier.  Bottom line: don’t break the law and you’ll be fine.  I’m sorry you can no longer get away with it but thems the breaks.

And here in Buffalo, landlords now have a new law that requires them to disclose their smoking policies.  One, I do think that it’s a good idea to make a landlord have these things public.  Nothing like moving into a new place and discovering you’re not allowed to smoke there only after you get in trouble.  However the bullshit they spew over how “well it’ll encourage landlords to make things smoke-free” and “smoke-free areas are more attractive to renters” kind of makes me cringe.

I’ll say it before, and I’ll say it again.  Smokers should be a legally protected group.  By now, from the age of 8 on, you have it drilled into your head just how bad smoking is for you.  For whatever reason, some people decide to pick it up willingly.  And there are a good chunk of people that aren’t gonna quit no matter how much you badger them.  They like it.  And you know what?  It’s their damn life!  It’s their choice, not yours!  Hell, you eat the food and you drink the water and you breath the air and you’re gonna die anyway!  Nothing you do will prevent you from one day dying.  Let people kill themselves in peace, if that’s what they want to do.  Why do people want to harp on them all the time?  Don’t you have better things to do?

Yesterday’s (May 3rd) news just delved into the weird.

Is it any wonder that the Pope still thinks the Shroud of Turin is real?  Despite scientific evidence that said it’s forged?  Nope?  Okay then.

New Hampshire is offering a “green” alternative to graduation gowns.  Yes, you can take things too far.  I, for one, stuffed my graduation gown in the closet as a reminder of the event, and I look upon it with reverence.  I don’t want it to suddenly decompose on me one day.  What a shock that would be huh?

And we’re so upset over the Arizona immigration law, but we can’t keep our own citizens in line to begin with.  When you have someone called the Geezer Bandit robbing banks for over a year and you haven’t caught him yet, maybe we should focus on the idiots in this country already before we focus on barring more idiots from coming in.

Speaking of Arizona and it’s highly publicized law, there are two rather interesting opinions I found in the paper.  One seems to be supporting the law, and the other seems to be bashing it again.  Read them both, make your own choices.  I for one think that the law may be too much.  A step in the right direction, but it needs some limitations.  Just “reasonable suspicion” isn’t enough to harass somebody and it really does make our justice system (innocent until proven guilty, all equal under the law) seem really really racist and like it endorses racial profiling.  Yeah, rework that thing and come back when it sounds less like a Nazi ruling and more like an American law.

Back to the strange, apparently the Department of Education is getting a music makeover, playing Schoolhouse Rock songs instead of elevator music.  Not sure why the change is a good one, because I’m sure it will only annoy any adults calling the Department.  Maybe they can just stick their kids on hold for a bit instead.

And a national physicians organization has decided to revoke the certificates of anesthesiologists who perform lethal injections.  I am almost for this.  I do believe that lethal injections go against the oath of “do no harm.”  Let’s face it, helping people die is harmful.  But in our American “have our cake and eat it too” fashion, we want to be able to put people to death, but it has to be humane and can’t hurt.  Which to me is kind of oxymoronic in the first place.  And if we are going to put people to death, we should have those that know what they’re doing administering the drug.  Mayhap there should be a new branch of medicine that specifies in lethal injections?

And a couple of stories worthy of mention.  One was an opinion article on some of the new baggage fees airlines are coming up with and what else they’re planning.  And yes, I do think we need to do something about it.  Also, John Rosemond is an asshole and finally parents realize the need to pay attention to what your kids do online.

I also think that the new laws Congress wants to pass to restrict Wall Street are great and that the Syracuse crackdown on texting drivers that resulted in 3,000 tickets is a great step in the right direction and more cities need to jump on that bandwagon.

Okay, done now.  Later Days!


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