Three Days Delayed

I have three days worth of news to catch up on, mostly due to 2 things.  The first day (Wednesday, May 5th) I decided not to post because there wasn’t a lot in the news.  But the next day (Thursday, May 6th) I was unable to post due to my asshole of a boss.  I usually get out of work at 7am, and I return home around 8.  I didn’t return home until 10am and I still needed to run some errands so yeah.  Blame him (everyone else does anyway.)

Back to business.

Tuesday May 4th

Governor of New York, David A. Paterson, did something right for a change (How is it that I just now notice his name only has one “t”?)  He’s got this panel to help him pardon illegal immigrants and stop them from being deported.  If they do this right, then they can probably stop a lot of people here legally (on like student visas and such) from being deported over minor or old offenses.  Apparently, the federal government has this law that if you’re applying for citizenship (so trying to be a legal citizen.  Yay you!) and you actually tell a person the truth that you committed a minor crime and served your sentence (or the like) then the country must deport you.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve been here since you were 3, you’re still being deported.  It doesn’t make sense, because these people really aren’t illegal immigrants.  So Paterson decided to set up a panel to review New York deportation cases and see if he can save some good people from deportation by pardoning them.  I think it’s a cool idea.  One of the only things  he’s done that I like.  Let’s focus on the real illegal and more than likely criminal assholes here and leave the upstanding citizens to get their green card and be productive.  Last thing we need is to get rid of the people that actually do something around this country.

Another thing that caught my eye was a dad pleading guilty to a DWI that killed 5 people.  What got me angry was that 3 of the kids were his own!  How do you do that?  First of all, how do you think it’s a good idea to drive intoxicated with your own childrens’ safety in your hands?  It’s almost different if you’re an idiot kid who thinks he’ll only kill himself.  But to be a father?  You’re 33 man, grow up!  On top of it he was fucking chatting on his cell phone.  This really needs to stop.  I see far too many people doing it.  Nothing is that important!  Put the fucking phone away for a few minutes!

News of the Weird: Patrons of a bar were surprised when 2 deer crashed into their bar as they watched a basketball game.  What I want to know is what drew them there?  Something had to catch their attention and make them want to check it out.  Some questions we’ll probably never have the answers to.

An “I told you so” moment came when they announced that Amanda Wienckowski’s death was a homicide, not an accidental overdose.  When she was first found in early ’09, I thought that she had been murdered.  I mean, she was found upside down in a garbage tote across the street from the home she was last seen in.  Then the ME came back with an overdose cause of death.  I only bought it because the girl had a history of drug abuse and prostitution.  But it didn’t sit right.  Something was missing.  Well, they found it.  Can’t wait to see how/if it plays out.

Also, one more bit about Arizona and its new law.  Leonard Pitts again wrote a great column on it and I think you all should see this cartoon because this is something that could really happen under this new law.  It’s a scary prospect.


Wednesday, May 5th

Let’s start with good news.  The world’s first face transplant patient has finally revealed his new face to the public.  He’s not the world’s prettiest guy, but this is definitely one of those “feel good” stories.  It makes you feel better about the future of medicine in improving people’s lives and makes you want to give this guy a big round of applause.

Also, keeping up the positive energy, there was a review of the event marking the 40th anniversary of the Kent State shootings during Vietnam.  Y’know, the thing that made Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young write their song “Ohio”?  Yeah that.  It happened.  And I’m glad to see people finally giving it the recognition it deserves.  Here’s a good USA Today article on the anniversary as well.

And to keep the mood light, Philadelphia is reviewing a case where a police officer got to stun a teenager who decided to run onto the field during a ballgame.  I’m amused because, let’s face it, as “non threatening” as they may be, they are still trespassing and usually resisting arrest too.  I think using a taser on them is just funny.  It’s what you get for being a dumbass.

I was also a little bit amused at a more serious blurb about a woman who ran around a Target slashing customers at random (It’s the second article down.)  Turns out she has mental issues.  I’m sorry if this is too blunt, but duh!  I’m sure that someone without mental issues wouldn’t be running around a Target just stabbing people a couple times and then leaving.  Organized killers will blow the place up (or something big along those lines, killing a lot of people) and others would target someone who they felt had done something bad to them personally.  This screams of a woman not in her right mind just lashing out.

News of the Funny: A Syracuse man had his lucky casino winnings go up in flames.  Literally.  Talk about the universe having it out for you.  I feel really bad for the poor guy. What did you do to make karma want to kick your ass like that?  Also, a case of “nothing is as it seems.” Police interrupted a robbery in progress at a convenience store, only to find out they were interrupting a scene in a movie.  What happened here?  Did a passerby think they were reporting a crime when they called and that’s how they got summoned?  Did a patrol car pass by and see what they thought was a robbery?  Didn’t cameras tip somebody off?  And I love this quote:

Independent filmmaker Fred Carpenter said he thought the responding officers were part of the scene until he realized he had not written them into the script.

How high are you?!

Getting a little more serious and bringing things a little more locally, Nushawn Williams, the man who was convicted for intentionally spreading HIV more than a decade ago, has apologized for his actions and wishes to go free.  I’m a little torn, but then again, I don’t know all the details.

He was accused and convicted of intentionally spreading HIV to at least 13 women (many underage) and as many as 50 in the 90’s.  But he’s completed his prison term, says he’s a different man and wants to go home to his wife and child.  But the State Attorney General wants him kept locked up under the “civil confinement” law.

For those not in the know, this law states that those sex offenders diagnosed with a mental disorder can be indefinitely in a state psychiatric hospital.  They cite a bad prison record and statements allegedly made to another inmate about continuing his worldwide infection.  But part of me says “he served his term” and unless you can really, truly prove he’s mentally ill and wants to keep doing this, then all you are doing is punishing someone again for no reason and that becomes “cruel and unusual” in my opinion.

We’ll wait and see.

Moving on to another local, high-profile case, a police lieutenant described in court the surrendering and confession of Muzzammil Hassan after killing his wifeThis guy is a piece of work.  He is right now claiming he is innocent in the beheading death of his (second or third) wife.  He supposedly killed her because she was going to divorce him for being abusive.  She seemed to have enough evidence to support it, as they found a 22 page court statement about it as well as documents she gathered for the divorce.  And yet, this man is claiming that he was the abused, the victim.  His wife was verbally abusive and humiliated him, you see.  I hope somebody strangles him in jail or something.  He deserves a lot of shit not only for the murder and abuse, but for the bullshit claims he’s spewing.

Thursday, May 6th

The first headline that caught my attention was about a dead baby and it’s organs.  A brain dead child was going to have its organs donated by the parents to two sick infants.  And no one likes to see babies die, but the judge and police have a point.  The baby’s death is suspicious.  They needed the organs for autopsy so that they can be certain about what happened.  Turns out the kid was murdered.  I’d rather find the bastard and prosecute him.  I know that it sucks, it’s a big catch-22, but I wouldn’t want the baby killer to get away either.  Gonna side with the law on this one.

A paraplegic Rochester man killed in a one-car crash had been stopped by the police first. What I want to know is why, when the driver began driving recklessly, did the police stop the chase?!  At that point, I know you’re thinking of your own safety, but what about the other people on the road  that could have been hit??  He almost hit a pedestrian before!  Why would you just stop?!  It makes no sense!  That’s a man that could still be alive if you had just kept on him!

Locally, I feel bad for the students.  They were told a test they were going to take on Monday had been switched to the Thursday before (so May 6th.)  First of all, they are required to take this, so no skipping.  They put it on a half-day, when no students’ head is on school, and they took away the whole weekend of studying.  If you find a lot of kids failed this and your test scores look bad, it’s your own damn fault.  One, you really do need to give kids a break between math and English tests.  You need time to study and refresh some things because you’re brains are filled with English.  You need a couple days to switch tracks.  And it is still a big deal, no matter what the Superintendent says, because the “preparation” they’ve been getting the whole year (i.e. the actual math class because all they do is teach the test) isn’t enough.  I’m sorry that it would put you in line for sanctions if you held it back, but learn to schedule better and don’t take it out on the kids.

This still angers me and I’ve been out of high school for 5 years now.

Am also gonna give you the link to a really funny Tom Toles cartoon.

Alright, now that I’m all caught up, it’s dinner time!  Later Days people!


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