Run! The Machines are Coming!

Starting off with Headlines I Never Want to Read, I learned about the Stock Market Roller Coaster from USA Today, when I oversaw the headline for it (although my link is for the Buffalo News article, because I couldn’t find the right USA Today one.)  The headline said, simply:  The Machines Just Took Over.  Which happens to be a quote from one of the traders (which you can read for yourself in this article.)  The Machines just took over.  Let me tell you, as an avid fan of stuff like Terminator, this is not a line I want to be reading in any newspaper.  Prepare yourselves, for the machines are rising!

Also, to all those in Buffalo who are interested, President Obama is apparently making a stop here on Thursday, May 13th.

And I would like an opinion from all those that read this about the planned mosque to be built near ground zero.  Do you think that it will be a good opportunity for Muslims to help bridge some of the cultural gaps that 9/11 created?  Or do you side with some families and say it’s too close to where extremists murdered their friends and families?  I don’t quite know what to think.  I don’t particularly oppose it on those grounds but I worry that it might not be the best idea either.

And that was all that interested me today.  Thanks for sticking around.  Later Days!


~ by ladyruby07 on May 8, 2010.

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