The Stupid Hurts. It Makes Me Sad.

Two days worth of news coming your way, because I’m lazy on my days off.

May 8th

Buffalo went to a new level of low last week when it started mailing out bills for an occupancy tax from 1976 that was repelled one year later due to a near-riot from residents.  Usually they collected the back tax when the property was sold or refinanced.  However, because City Hall is getting a fancy new computer system, and they didn’t want to transfer all the information into it (and they call me lazy) they just started sending out bills instead.

This is so ridiculous and so wrong.  Considering that a lot of homeowners nowadays were just being born then, and some weren’t even alive then, how and why are they paying this tax?  The thing was repelled!  Doesn’t that mean all this junk gets forfitted?  Hell some of the bills even have the names of residents who are dead on them!

Stupid doesn’t just reside in Buffalo though.  An atheist just lost a bid to strip the word “God” from the Presidential Inaugural Oath.  People, this is a prime example of political correctness gone awry.  Let’s face it, it is impossible to please everyone all the time.  If the Jews and Muslims here can handle the word “God” in the oath, you should be able to as well.  It’s not a personal affront to you, and nobody has to know that you’re an idiot who can’t believe in the unknown.  Let it go.  It’s honestly not that important.

Africa, also, has it’s fair share of stupidity, but it tends to be more on the violent side.  African albinos are being killed because it is believed that… wait for it… their body parts will bring others wealth and success.  If that is not a gross amount of stupid, I don’t know what is.  I’m not sure what started the superstition.  Most myths and folk stories are told to explain an Earthly phenomenon (think the Greek myths that explain why the sun rises, etc.) This sounds like a bad prank gone very, very wrong.

The stupidity continues back in our own country, as a Michigan convict was told that he CAN sue prison official for denying him toothpaste.  Claiming he got gum disease and had to have a tooth removed because of it, he can claim cruel and unusual punishment by saying the problem was related to a dispute over his education.  I’m not even sure I need to comment on just how dumb that is.

And I actually let loose an “oh my God” on this next one.  Apparently a GOP Senate hopeful let loose a quip that has landed her in hot water.  While suggesting a means of bartering for medical care, she harkend back to the days when people would bring chickens and the like to the doctor in exchange for care.  So of course, people have to take it way, WAY out of context.  Use your brains people.  Draw a line, make a connection.  She’s suggesting bartering, using that as an example.  She doesn’t mean for you to take it literally.  What is so hard about thinking through a metaphor?  God gave you brains for more than just wasting.

I’m not even going to touch on why Jacob and Isabella are now the most popular baby names.  It angers me and would need it’s own post.  On the upside, at least those names are lasting and normal.  You’re never going to be embarrassed about it.

No wonder this country’s going down the drain.  We may not be economically third-world, but we are not the smartest culture around either.  I like Leonard Pitts.  Read him again.

May 11th

This day started off on a sad note, with a rare rhino having been found shot and with it’s horn cut off.  Poachers are some of the worst kinds of people.  I’m all for the hunter who shoots animals to eat and uses the pelts or whatnot.  Good for you, going back to traditional roots.  I hate the “sport hunters” who think it’s just a sport and they kill things and their done (give the deer a gun, then it’s a real sport.)  But poachers kill animals for one body part so they can make money.  Greed is even worse than arrogance and ignorance.  Hell, at least use up the rest of the thing.  Stop leaving behind evidence!  I hope one of these animals kills you.  Very violently.

In other sad news, Lena Horne died.  For those who don’t know, she was a very talented actress and singer and one of the few black actors to sign a contract with a major Hollywood studio.  She was 92.

Also, for anyone that cares, there is a suit filed by an Argentine writer who is trying to stop the sale of one of the few remaining copies of “Schindler’s List.”  The actual document that inspired the movie.  It has the names of 801 Jewish workers Oskar Schindler employed to save them from the Nazi death camps.  He wants to block the sale if he finds out the document is indeed real, on the grounds that it infringes on rights bequeathed to him by the man’s widow.

All for today.  Taco time for the redhead.  Later Days!


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