The Surprise is at the End

May 12th

For all those excited about Obama’s visit today (as in May 13th, while I’m writing this), you may be a little disappointed by the itinerary which states that he’s only going to be around for three hours, visit one factory (although they have scripted enough time for any unscheduled stops) and there will be no public events.  I’d be a lot more excited if there were.  I will say the power-cleaned bus shelters on the corners are a nice touch though.

And in case anybody cares, Verizon is asking for permission to cut out the residential white page phone listings from their phone books.  They state that most households don’t use those listings and rely on the internet instead.  Why is this my front page news?

Locally, a deal reached on Tuesday between the state and teacher’s unions will allow students standardized test scores to count toward their evaluations.  Let me tell you why this is bad.  You ever hear kids complain about school and say that their never going to need this stuff?  Well, for a good chunk of it, that’s true.  Because teachers no longer teach knowledge for use in the real world.  Teachers teach tests.  All those standardized and Regents scores kids stress out over are the things they are being taught.  They get taught how to take the test and do well so that the teachers, school, district, city and state look good.  That’s all it is.  That’s why, when kids enter college, they find themselves in several remedial classes.  Because their school never taught them real-world applications.  This deal is only going to make that worse.  Now the teacher won’t get their bonuses if their students do poorly.  Test, test, test.  That’s all they do.  Common sense and intelligence have gone down the drain in this country and you’re looking at why.

Read Kathleen Parker’s column on God too.  I like this one, I’ve been saying stuff like this for years.  All those people who claim that what they think is “right” with no other proof than their own egos need to shove it.

I think in one of my quickies, I mentioned how sad it was for the 80-year old woman losing her home due to unpaid garbage fees.  Here’s the original column.  Happy to report that somebody did see the news article Donn Esmonde did on it, and helped to fix the situation.  Yay for good Samaritans!

And as a final result on that cop vs parking enforcer war, the parking enforcers are paying their tickets and wearing their seatbelts.  Let’s see if the cops can do the same and learn to park properly.  A police vehicle is one thing.  Your private car is another.

And to leave you on a funny note:  Playboy is going 3-D!

Later Days!


~ by ladyruby07 on May 13, 2010.

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