So due partly to circumstances somewhat beyond my control and partly due to my laziness, I have a four-day update to complete.  Ouch!  Well, let’s get started…

May 15th

I’ve been following the trail to Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court appointment, but in this particular article, I didn’t even have to read the thing to get mad.  The part under the headline simply said:

Speculation on Elena Kagan’s sexual orientation and the White House response show how loaded such topics remain.

I, of course, got pissed off by the fact that her sexual orientation (I know everyone’s claiming she’s straight.  I don’t give a damn either way) is even up for debate.  What in the blue hell does that have to do with anything?!  Why do you care so much?  I mean, seriously people there are better aspects of her and how it relates to the courts that we should be talking about.  Not this idle shit.

Spain is an example of how not to handle good works.  Judge Baltasar Garzon has been suspended for probing the executions and disappearances of more than 100,000 civilians during and immediately after the Spanish Civil War.  I’m sorry, if you’re not going to do it, who is?  They are claiming he abused his authority by doing this but just because you don’t talk about something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  Spain seems to be trying to bury that part of it’s past and were apparently upset that he was digging it up.  Maybe you should do something about that that’s a tad bit more constructive, hm?

Sarah Palin continues to really piss me off when she stupidly attacks things for no reason.  Like attacking Obama for his views on guns and abortions.  Ignore the “guns” bit of that.  I care not.  It is the abortion bit I care about because I’ve figured out why a lot of Republican’s seem to hate this new health care bill.  They all seem to think that it means that the government is not only funding health care, but abortions too.  While initially in the bill (and not something I was supportive of) it got phased out pretty quickly during the process.  In other words:


Quit using false information!  The spread of those lies and falsities are only tearing this nation apart.  Get your fucking facts straight and stop reacting to everything before you actually think it through.  Damn, you people piss me off!

Read Leonard Pitts’ article again, because I like him.  Then go check this guy out, because his story is relevant to the article.  I particularly like “The Identity Monologue,” anything featuring him on Montel, and “A Homo No Mo Christmas.”  Makes you think, and not enough people do that nowadays.

Two stupid things in local news that will at least make you giggle after you rage.  One concerns a Family Video store in Tonawanda.  They apparently have a law that restricts video stores carrying adult material and makes them list themselves as “adult stores.”  However the law, according to the courts, is too vague to apply to the restricted section of the video store for adults only.  They are allowed to keep everything and the Town can go fuck itself.  Good news for liberal me! The second one is a blurb about a dude who caught two teens stealing the weed plants he was growing and of course he called the cops.  Now all of you are in deep shit.  Way to be.

May 18th

This was when I got word of the new term limits for juveniles in jail.  I always thought that life in jail, without even the possibility for parole was harsh for a kid, especially if they didn’t even kill someone.  Now the high court says that constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment.”  At least 129 cases now need to be reviewed, and 37 states now have laws that have been overturned and they need to fix.  How did 37 states think that this was a good idea?  You can not just treat a 16 year old like a hardened criminal.  Half the time, they don’t realize the consequences of their actions.  They are teenagers, not mature adults.  Rehabilitation for the young is what you need.  Get them early.  It’s when they’re 30 and they’re still doing this shit that it’s okay to lock them up that long.  Yay for steps in the right direction!

Ok, I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, let’s make that clear.  But I always enjoy shows about the police force, including shows like Cops or The First 48So have you heard the story of a raid on a house ending in the death of a 7 year old girl that one of these film crews got on tape? Now, it looks like there’s a cover-up involved.  (By the way, there are two separate articles there.)  This is one reason why I’m grateful for these particular shows.  You can catch shit like this before it results in misplaced and late justice.

May 19th

Leonard Pitts.  Need I say more?

Loving the Harvard kid who forged his way in.  Makes me laugh.  Why would you want to do that if you’re not going to put all your effort into graduating with fantastic grades?  If you lived up to the forgeries, no one would be the wiser.  Instead you’re going to jail.  Have fun!

Also, the officer who now lost his job because he traded a traffic violation for pizzas makes me laugh.  C’mon dude, set your price a bit higher.  Ask for more than just pizza.  Pizza is not a good consolation prize.  Especially now that there’s a shooting from way back that you tried to bury coming to light.  I laugh at your misfortune, for you have brought it down upon yourself.

May 20th

Where do I begin?  With the inept Erie County Holding Center?  With the charade City Hall has pulled so they don’t have to fill their top police job?  Both piss me off and neither really surprises me anymore.  City Hall is inept and so is our jail.  Can I have some new news please?

The “Ending Food Stamp Stigma” thing got me too.  It’s been around for years.  Lord knows, with the business I get where I work, that I can tell someone who needs the stamps and uses them properly with someone who has been on them for years because they’re lazy.  The only way to avoid the stigma, especially in this economy where many more people need them, is to crackdown and come up with new ways to stop people from abusing the system.  The acts of a few ruin it for the whole.

Haha!  I’m done!  Later Days!


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