Exahusting Catch Up of Crime and Stupidity

Four day update.  No excuses.  Leave me alone.

May 22nd

Funniest thing I saw was the controversy over a rodent running past Obama’s podium during a speech.  Now, I’m gonna tend to believe what the scientists say it is: a vole.  They like to live in meadows or fields but I bet the large lawn and garden of the White House’s Rose Garden make a perfect home.  They run around in tunnels underground and come up to find food.  They don’t bug anyone, so leave the little critter be.

In a new update on the Texas history rewrite (and forgive me, but I couldn’t find a link for this article) I came across a few new changes to history.   The new standards are also going to say that McCarthyism was later vindicated (not true, the man was villified for that shit) and that capitalism is going to be replaced by “free-enterprise system.”  So we are a “constitutional republic” (that word still doesn’t exist, by the way.  Try looking it up on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary website.) that uses a “free-enterprise system.”  Oh yeah, I couldn’t find that term in the dictionary either.  YaY, let’s teach kids to make shit up!  I’m only comforted by the fact that there are quite a few people on the left AND on the right that are outraged against this.

The “tea party” activists continue to amuse me, especially this Rand Paul guy. The son of former Presidential candidate Ron Paul has put his foot in his mouth a couple of times.  First of all, you can’t say you support civil rights but think a business should be allowed to racially discriminate.  That’s not supporting civil rights.  Secondly, of course it’s anti-business what we’re doing with BP, but let’s face facts.  They deserve all the shit their getting.  To not be harsh on them would be like telling them what happened is okay.  It’s not and you need to remember that.  The GOP can try to tame this guy but he might blow himself up about as fast as Paladino did here.

Instead of Leonard Pitts, read E.J. Dionne’s article on conservatives who like to preach morals and do the complete opposite.  As sick as I am and as much as I enjoy public falls from grace, he’s right, on a lot of levels.

Also, not to sound racist, but the black man facing manslaughter for killing a white teenager outside his home?  Yes, this is how the law is supposed to work.  Apparently this group of white teens were outside shouting racial slurs at him and, instead of calling the cops, he went outside to confront them with a loaded pistol.  Okay, I understand scaring them, but when one of them dies, you gotta face the consequences.  A lot of people, no matter their race, still have to face the consequences of their actions.  I’m sorry your black.  You still killed someone.

May 25th

Buffalo is now instituting a “Text-a-Tip” program.  Like the anonymous tips left by voice, this allows you to do the same thing, but by text.  It’s supposed to tap into a generation more willing to text than to call.  Which, if it can be used for ANY crime, would be nice for me.  I see a lot of shit I don’t necessarily want to call the police out to.  For instance, drunk drivers.  I can get a license plate number easily, but I don’t always have the time to find the non-emergency number and call it in.  But I can text and cash at the same time and maybe get someone off the street who is a danger to himself and others.

Susan Estrich’s column about the gun and drug trade and Lenore Skenazy’s column about letting your kids play outside are both must-reads.  Especially because I can relate with Lenore.  I helped a friend of my nanny for her two young nephews.  One day during the summer, we took them outside, bought a whole bunch of old toys from *gasp* the Dollar Store and played hopscotch and army men and squirt guns and jump ropes with them.  The oldest is 10 and had never done these things before.  Before long, I had him trying to hopscotch backward on one foot.  His father’s response?  “I’ve never seen him this active before.”  My jaw dropped and it was all my friend could do to keep me from ranting.

Again, I must say I’m happy that Eric County will not mandate no-smoking in the parks.  Urge it all you like.  We see it everywhere, and most smokers know how to resist it.  However, this is a free country and it’s our right to choose.  Be considerate and carry your own ashtray to throw the butts out in, but it is our choice to kill ourselves how we see fit.

May 26th

The first thing that caught me was the Walmart employee fired for foiling a theft. Now, I understand Walmart’s position.  Only managers or security guards should actively stop a theft.  You should probably radio in what you see and get quick help.  HOWEVER, I work in a convenience store.  I see a lot of thefts.  If we did what we were supposed to I can guarantee we would loose more money and everyone else would take us for suckers.  My manager has chased people and thrown them into signs, breaking one kid’s nose on the door once.  One of our long time employees is known for being crazy, throwing dropped beer at the attempted thief and foiling stickups as well.  My own sister chased after a guy with fuel stuff once.  What the policy should be is a write up or maybe (big maybe) suspension.  With discreet pats on the back.  Walmart’s gonna get some shit for this though, lemme tell ya.

Read Gene Weingarten’s column today.  Too funny!

Also: Donn Esmonde.

May 27th

The Chinese company with the rash of suicides?  I think it’s more than just working conditions.  Considering that China has had a huge rash of people going into kindergardens and killing little kids, despite a large police influence makes me think that “there’s something in the water.”  There  has got to be more than a bad mental health program and bad working conditions.  Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think there’s gonna come a time when we find out about China experimenting on people with some strange chemical.

Whew, I’m done for today.


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