Don’t Ask About the Cemetery

So to all those who keep claiming Obama isn’t doing anything, please piss off.  I’m pleased to see that the House has decided to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military.  It is yet another of Obama’s victories, in getting people to see that changes need to be made to the status quo if we are to progress as a country.  Add this to his health care overhaul, and the stricter regulations he wants to put on the financial sector and I’d say our president is doing a damn fine job in trying to fix what’s so structurally wrong in our country right now.

I have to agree with the percentage of veterans talking about Obama skipping Arlington National Cemetery as well.

We don’t really see the big deal, so long as he’s taking the time to honor our fallen war heroes throughout Memorial Day weekend.  After all, it’s not groundbreaking for a sitting president to visit other national cemeteries or overseas American cemeteries over the holiday.  Arlington is certainly not the only place our fallen heroes are buried, so why not pay your respects to veterans around the country?

In internet speak:  This.  Ryan Galluci sums the argument up perfectly.  So what?  He’s not at Arlington?  He could be here at Buffalo’s Forest Lawn Cemetery instead.  We have veterans too.  So does Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, Nevada, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii.  Not all the veterans are buried in Texas.  Cool your heels.

That’s all I got for today folks.  Later Days!


~ by ladyruby07 on May 29, 2010.

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