Back Again!

So I know I’ve been gone a while but that’s what happens when personal life catches up to a blogger and I have not the energy to share my rants anymore.  So I’m jumping in feet first and starting this week (hey, it’s still Monday to me!) off right by picking this up again.  And while I could conceivably do a back post (if I wanted to spend the next 8 hours at the computer) I’m simply going to start with Monday’s newspaper and get the ball rolling.

My first bit of news is to congratulate Governor Paterson on finally doing something right and long lasting for this state and its government.  He’s proposing new legislation that would give the Governor more power over the state budget and restrict all the BS that covers up the flaws. I really, really hope this passes, despite the fact that I think it won’t because the Legislature is full of jackasses.  New York has one of the worst budgets in the country and our deficits are through the roof.  He wants to give governors the power to require that the budget is legally balanced but to keep it in balance all year according to strict accounting rules.  This should have been going on all along.  It seems that our government is exempt from most of the accounting rules that govern normal people and our budgets.  This needs to be fixed, and badly.  If he can push the legislation through it might become a model for legislation in other states as well as perhaps our national government.  And considering that our budget for this year still  has yet to be passed…

It also pushes for restrictions on borrowing, especially to close our deficits if we can’t do it on our own.  This is the same state that has yet to pay back the last time it borrowed from some private sector (I do believe a prison was involved) to close a budget deficit.  The only thing I wish it did was mandate a reduction in spending in our state, which spends like Kobe’s wife on a shopping spree.

Moving on.

So, it’s not enough that New York State has to have some of the highest cigarette prices in the nation, and that nationally flavored cigarettes are now banned and the words “light” and such have to be removed from packs, but now Buffalo wants to enact this Responsible Tobacco Retailing Act.

Some of these things are redundant.  If you people did your job, then you would be able to catch the Corner Stores that sell “loosies” (out of pack cigarettes) because the rest of us responsible stores know that those are already illegal.  And we already allow routine inspections.  (Though I am kind of happy the whole “blunt wrap” thing is finally getting noticed.  You seriously think people were using them for stuff other than weed?  You’re about a day late and a dollar short here.)

It’s the bullshit that they spew after that gets me.  Let me tell you, tobacco use IS the norm.  It has been the norm since the south discovered they could grow the crops and people started smoking back in the freaking American Revolution.  Native Americans were smoking before that.  Just because they died before they could get cancer doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

And no, tobacco companies shouldn’t pay for the enforcement of YOUR laws and not theirs.  Find your own freaking funding.

Is any one else sick of this?  Sick of self-righteous groups and the government collaborating on bringing smokers down?  Telling us what we can and can’t smoke and why?  Then join me on Facebook to help raise our voices in protest.  We are humans and we have rights too!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’ve also noticed that New York State is aiming to close a loophole in where sex offenders can and can’t work. It’s a good idea but like most good ideas it really needs to be worked on.  You will need to be very specific about what types of sex offenders we are talking about.  Just because someone is on the registry doesn’t mean they’re a pedophile.  And most people who look at the list don’t dig deep enough to figure out what crimes each individual committed.  Part of it is that the whole sex offender registry system and sex offender punishment in general needs an upheaval.  There are some things that just don’t belong and some punishments that just don’t fit the crime (and this goes both ways: too harsh AND too soft.)  Then we wouldn’t have loopholes like this in the first place.

And our feel-good article of the day:  the teenager collecting pennies to represent each child lost in the Holocaust. It’s such a huge visual aid, to see just how many lives were lost, especially those of children.  And this 13-year old kid got 1.5 million of them (or about $15,o00 in pennies) on his own and has sent them to the Holocaust museum in South Florida.  Go there.  Get a good grasp of what happened.  Then do something to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“You can’t change the world, but you can make a dent.” – Death to Smoochy


~ by ladyruby07 on June 22, 2010.

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