The Differences Between Us and Them (aka Not So Different)

This is the article I’m referencing in the particular rant.

Let me start by saying:


Ow.  Ow ow ow ow ow.

First of all, the woman is allowed to have a godblessed vacation.  You people do realize that President of the United States is a full-time job right?  He actually does get paid a salary for his work.  And while it’s not as much as some people make, it is still more than most of us.  (For the record, the President gets paid about$400,000 a year plus various expense accounts.  Most “rich” presidents have much money invested in outside companies/stocks/etc and that’s how they get their money.)  His wife (which, by the way, being the First Lady is pretty much a full-time job too, though I’m not sure of her pay scale) gets to have some of the benefits of this.  Including vacations!

Just because you don’t work a normal job doesn’t mean you don’t get to do normal things.  Like take a damn vacation.  It’s not like she’s spending a month there.  Hell, she’s not even spending a full week there!  You can’t let the woman have five days of peace?  She’s not even the leader of the free world!

As for the economy and whose paying, let me put this in perspective.  One, yes the economy is tough.  Are us “normal” (I use that term very loosely) people necessarily doing absolutely all we’re supposed to do?  How many of us are still needlessly spending money at restaurants instead of cooking at home?  How many of us are still flocking to the theaters to see a movie as it’s released instead of waiting to rent the DVD?  How many still pay for over the top DVR cable because they just can’ t live without it?  Think about our luxuries and the vacations we take with our families.  How often have you let your child bully you into doing something you didn’t really want to in the first place?  How many of you still get your 16-year-0ld a car for their birthdays?  How many still go to different states for vacation, or neighboring countries, or take cruises?  More than you expect.  And for probably only a short amount of time.  Like Mrs. Obama.  Five days is not all that long people!

On the subject of pay, yes the salaries mostly come from taxpayers.  But think about it.  Every single politician we hire gets paid from our taxes.  From the highest to the lowest.  So do all the police, firefighters, and city/county/state workers.  Many teachers get paid with some tax money.  So should we rally against them for using our tax money for their luxuries?  Should they never be allowed a vacation, or a cruise, or a spa trip?  Jeeze you’d think she’d have taken money out of the hands of small children with all this unnecessary uproar.

The Marie Antoinette comparison particularly pisses me off.  One, because that woman was unjustly vilified for a lot of stuff that was never her fault.  She was a scapegoat for the people.  She didn’t drive the French into debt with her glamorous ways; they were already there.  The American Revolution actually made things worse for the French.  Think about that one.  Secondly, the woman was all of 16 when she got married.  She was far too young to have impulse control and rule a damn country when they threw her into a role.  And they did it in a country that hated her for being Austrian in the first place!  Thirdly, if you’re going to make the outlandish comparison still, do remember that Marie Antoinette had two other homes she owned to vacation to and she went for months on end.  A five day trip to Spain does not count!  There is no comparison!  Shut your traps!

She needs the secret service with her.  Without it, think of the number of shit that stupid people could try and pull.  Think of the problems that would occur if she and her daughter were taken hostage or, knock on wood, assassinated.  Her position in life right now demands the protection.

She is still a mom, and a normal woman with stress up to the heavens that she does  need a break from.  Hell, the amount of diplomatic things she probably turned down there for some slight peace and quiet were innumerable.  She still ended up making one official visit.  We’re women not miracle workers.  We can’t do everything all at once, we can’t solve every problem, and we can’t just work all the time and keep smiling.  Unless you want a presidential psychotic break and a full out Columbine at the White House you might wanna give the woman a little time to reorganize herself.

I hear one more piece of garbage on this and I’m gonna explode.


~ by ladyruby07 on August 10, 2010.

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