Choices: What Is and What Isn’t

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Hello my fellow denizens of the net!  The Angry Redhead is here, with a rant spurred from, of all places, YouTube.

I love YouTube.  I’m active on YouTube.  And there are certain things I enjoy watching on YouTube.  One of the things that I hunt out are the Internet Dancers.  These are the people who post videos of themselves dancing.  It can be original choreography, or it can be a dance cover.  I happen to like a lot of the ParaPara and J-Pop dance covers I come across.

But I like a lot of different dance stuff, and while video hunting one day I came across Chris McMillon aka Angel Pariz (111288CBaby on YouTube.)  First and formost, this man is an absolutely amazing dancer.  Secondly, yes he is in fact and indeed a boy and no he does not do drag.  (I pretty much don’t give a shit either way on these points.  Point one is why I watch him.)

And thirdly, yes he’s gay.

Here’s why I’m posting this.  See, he gets shit tons of comments a day.  One of his videos has over 6 million hits.  So while there are a good chunk of people out there who support him and tell him to keep doing his thing (like me) you also get more than your fair share of haters.  And what everybody likes to harp on is either that he won’t do drag or that he’s gay.

Drag is not my issue.  Again, not caring there (though long hair on him would look awesome for some of his dances.)   It’s the gay part that is.  Now, he’s addressed this particular issue himself in his own video, aptly titled Being Gay Ain’t No Fukn Choice.

Now, I’m a nosy little bastard who likes to not just watch a video but see all its stats and its comments too.  So I, knowing I was gonna regret it, scrolled down to read the comments.

Ow.  Immediate brain hurting.  You know what happens if you do something so stupid it makes my brain hurt.  Yeah, your stupidity goes up here, to be ripped apart for the world to see.

Now, as for what I think and believe, I am pro-gay all the way and truly believe that being gay is not a choice.  You do not, can not, chose who you are attracted to.  Even straight people have this problem.  I know two guys who are very much attracted to me.  They are fantastically nice men, sweet and kind and caring and would make some girl fantastically happy.  That girl is not me.  Despite how much I logically know that I could have a very happy relationship with them, I can not muster up one bit of attraction toward either of them.  They’re not ass-ugly, they’re not jerks, they would go to the ends of the Earth for me and back.  Okay, so they’re a shade nerdy, but so am I.  And yet I feel nothing more than friendship for them.

I can’t choose who I’m attracted to any more than they can.  The same logic applies to those who are homosexual.  It’s not like picking out clothes to wear or what to eat.  We let our instincts guide our heart, not our brains.  This is why love is blind.

So here’s my issue.  The first idiot I come across (shv90210) has to say this:

Gays are verbally. physically and mentally attacked, killed and hurt by people, so god knows all this and would never make anyone to go through this hell, so you see being Gay is a choice.

Please, do the world a favor and smack yourself with some hard, blunt instrument.  It’s the equivalent of asking “why is there still war if god loves us?’

These people are what my mother calls “Baby Christians.”   (BCs)  Because they haven’t come to understand the gray that runs through the world.  They still see everything as black and white.  Do this and not that and no inbetween.

The problem with your logic is that it neglects to take into account what happened in Genesis when Adam and Eve ate the apple:  they were given free will.  The wars, the attacking and murdering and putting people through hell is not God’s work, but that of humans.  Because humans choose that.

God gave us the ability to love, and to love blindly.  Not seeing age or skin color or gender.  Loving everybody equally, no matter what.  Humans choose to judge, to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong.  We use translations of God’s word, handed down through so many centuries that we no longer know what the texts really said.  On top of that, the word of God was given to man to write down, and man added his own versions in there.

To take your life from a book, rather than from your gut, is to go against God.  He instinctively leads you.  He guides you everyday and not with words on a page but with the thoughts and feelings that run through your mind.

God would never put some in harms way, and make others safe,

No, humans do that.  And God lets us live with the consequences of our actions.  We ate the fruit, we have free will, and we have to live with what consequences that brings.  It does not make how you think and feel any more of a choice than whether you’re a man or a woman.  Whether your mom was 17 or 30 when she had you.  Whether you were born priviledged or a crack baby.


Gin906 in the same video had a comment that helps explain more of what I think:

I believe that RELIGION is a choice, gay isn’t because it’s how you’re born to be….Religion causes war, not gay people.

Seriously.  Since the organized religions are so full of hypocrisy anyway.

The worst part is, I simply know all these BCs either have horrid pasts that they’re running from and trying to atone for, or they have such secret, closeted lives that they can’t live with themselves.  They turn their hate for themselves into hate for other people.  It’s incredibly stupid.

Angel honey (and to the rest of you out there in the same situation) don’t let them get you down.  No one knows what the afterlife will bring.  Not a damn person can tell you and have it be accurate.  Live your life the way you see fit.  Live it so you’re happy and can spread that happiness to others.  It’s the spreading of love and joy that makes you a good person, that makes you worthy of being around.  Not whether your black or gay or whatever.  Ignorance and hate will get you nowhere.  Smile in their faces.

Art by TadashiChizoko from DeviantART

EDIT (09/04/10): I would like to just say one more thing, especially to those close-minded hateful individuals who might read this.  Part of the reason why I don’t trust the Bible fully (I think of it as a lovely storybook and vague guideline to being a good person) is because of its inherent contradictions.  It’s one of the reasons why I believe man had a hand in the way it was written and it is no longer the true and utter word of God.

For instance, we all know of the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”  And yet, there are lauded wars waged in God’s name, and there were people killed for being who they were.  There’s “love they neighbor” and “love thy enemy” and yet all those who claim to follow the word of God do nothing (mostly) but shout hate and anger to those not like themselves.

It’s this hypocrisy that I absolutely CANNOT stand.  You are no better and no worse than me, yet you act as if you are the chosen one.  Get down off your damn high horse because one day someone’s going to wake you up to the sad truth of who you really are and it’ s not going to be pretty.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.


~ by ladyruby07 on September 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Choices: What Is and What Isn’t”

  1. I love this response to angel’s video/comments on the video. And I’m glad I get to add the term “baby Christians” to my vocabular being a lesbian and a Christian myself we have to deal with BC’s harping down our throat on a daily basis. But I agree fully with everything you said. I wish people would realize the differance between free will, choice and simply being who you are.

  2. i love what u wrote here and i admire your strength and courage that is shown through your honesty. you to will have haters but you can count two of me for every one hater u get and my support will out number them 2-1 everytime. p.s. i’ve been chris’ fan for awhile.

  3. i love this response.. an i also agree on everything you said..just wish that others can open their eyes an see whats really goin on in this world NOW an face the fact that we’re not living in the 1920’s no more..everybody is not perfect. But it dont give the “perfect” ones the right to judge others an talk down on em for what their not doing to be just like THEM. Oan: IM ALSO AN ANGEL PARIZ FAN =) ❤ YOU HUN

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